Ecology and sustainability

Creating a better and safer environment.

Printing on demand. Safe working conditions. Low impact. High quality products made in the most responsible way possible.

Ecology and sustainability | Paint It Black online shop

Paint It Black requires that all print shops and third party manufacturers participating in the marketplace provide safe working conditions, minimise environmental impact and treat their employees with respect and dignity. To ensure that these requirements are met, we monitor the status of our suppliers on a daily basis through authoritative sources in order to always provide you with the best quality and services available globally.

The key points that determine the choice of our suppliers include:

  • Reduction of water use
  • Reduction of energy use
  • Production and use of renewable energy
  • Waste reduction and recycling of each component
  • Ethical and sustainable development in growing countries
  • Ethical treatment of animals

See our suppliers and certifications HERE, and HERE.