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1. What are the times for production and shipping for catalog products?

Each t-shirt of the catalog is printed in a copy, the graphics are optimized for the specific model and size required by the customer. From the time of order, Paint it Black reserve two working days for product and order processing, which will be printed and shipped in the 3/5 consecutive working days. The shipment timings, recited on the special page of this site, depend on the service chosen by the customer and are the responsibility of the shipper.

2. What are the times for production and shipping for custom products?

Paint It Black offers a graphic development team for personalizing t-shirts with customer selected graphics. After a careful examination of the material provided by the Customer, the Paint It Black's team will reserve from 3 to 5 working days for the submission of the draft to the Customer. With the approved draft, we will proceed with the standard times of catalog products.

3. What products can I purchase on Paint It Black?

Paint It Black has an online catalog that includes purchase proposals. The Paint It Black's  team also responds to the needs of customers in clothing, paper graphics and home decor by providing paper graphics, posters, canvases, clothing. For any personalized product request send an email to info@paintitblack.cloud

4. What is the difference between a print-on-demand product and a customised product?

All items in the Paint It Black catalogue are to be considered as proposals, a selection of designs available to order and printed on demand.

Custom products are designed according to the customer's requirements, subject to approval of a draft design made to order. Customised products are not included in the catalogue of purchase proposals even after production in one or more copies.

4. I got the wrong size or colour when ordering a product on Paint It Black.

If you realise that you have placed an incorrect order with Paint It Black, please contact our team immediately at info@paintitblack.cloud

We may cancel or amend your order depending on the type of order and order status:

• It is an item that is among the purchase proposals posted on our site and the status is "received" the order can be cancelled, if the order is "ready for shipment" or "shipped", you can no longer cancel the order. It is possible to request a refund after returning the goods, as described on this page https://www.paintitblack.cloud/pages/terms-and-conditions

• This is a custom order and the status is "received" the order can be cancelled, if the order is "ready for shipment" or "shipped", it means it has already been produced and can no longer be cancelled. There is no refund as a customised product is no longer resalable to another customer. If the customer refuses the goods, they will be donated to charities if not claimed within 30 days from the date of return.

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